I started studying at Intermediate class today!


So I had to wake up at 7 , but when I saw my phone, it was 8:06,,,,Omg~~~~~~~~!!!


 I prepared and dashed to school so I arrived 8:17!


I don't want to absent for school so I went to school.

That's why my attendance is 100 % still now;-)


I know my bad points so if I absent for school even once, I get habit of skipping!

 So if I wake up late, absolutely I wanna go!


Fortunately, my morning class is same as Amy but only on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Amy is the best friend in Sydney!


She is friendly and cute❣️


She came to Embassy in the same day.


In addition, my teacher is so funny and great!


 I'm really lucky girl!


My host family is very kind and helpful,

I didn't have to find share house,

flat mates are friendly and 

all of my teachers are fantastic 😭✨


Perhaps when I have to go back to Jp,

I'll miss all of them.

I wanna go back to Sydney!


Nowadays I cook for lunch:-)

Save money ~~~~~~!

But one of my flat mate cook dinner for me !

I don't have to cook😆

I'm getting fat because his meals are very delicious!



Please don't go back to Taiwan😭



Anyway,I'm enjoying my life!!!



Thank you my family!!!


I miss you😐❣️