Absolutely I'll miss you guys,,,









From Mrs Macquarie's Chair


Unlimited Sushi


Ice skating


Barista & latte art


Soju party 


Life is beautiful thanks to my parents,

 I really appreciate them!


 I decided new way of my life,

excited but a bit sadness,,,


I hope my new step is gonna be good!


Experience is the most important!


 I don't wanna regret ~~~~~


Sometimes I need to think about sth and sometimes just think simply, it sounds easy but actually it's difficult!


Believe in myself!! 

Have confidence!!




All msgs are for me in the future!



Few days ago, I applied for RSA and had a mistake of the location.


I'd already known about that cancel was impossible, but I didn't wanna fail without doing anything,so I went there and tried to manage!


BUT!!! The teacher was terrible!!!!

He didn't try to teach cause my English were poor,and he said I had 2 choices, first, I waited for their boss, talked to him, or I went back home and texted to him. At that time,Even whichever I chose, the outcome was same, I thought. That's why I said a lot of complaints to him and I left there.


By the way, I was surprised because probably I couldn't say complaints 4 months ago.


Anyway, I said complaints to him with $100😇


I felt that that my English was improved a bit!!


Sorry,my parents !


After that, I wanted to relieve my stress so I called to Amy, and we went out for lunch and shopping!




Hahahaha Love사랑해♥

In addition, we went jogging in daring harbour!


And we supposed to go to gym, but there are fucking smells,so go back home and drinking~~~!!


Love my flat mates 😔✨


I must miss them when I leave here,,,,





I love crazy flat mates lol

That time was around 2 am lol

Really funny.


Nowadays I didn't feel improvements of my English~~~!


But I saw はじめてのおつかい of イッテQ😂


And I got confidence a bit!


This weekend, I'm gonna take a RSA!


 I'm looking for job so I need to get it.


After I got, I'm gonna apply for job!


In addition, I wanna get somewhere without map and cellphone like Degawa. 


And I wanna get confidence much more.


Today I'm gonna write about Amy!


We came Sydney the same day!


She said she was gonna study English for 7 months, at that time I thought we must be close friend because we could spend much time each time!


When we met for the first time, we used gestures for conversation 😂😂





So nostalgic!!


I felt Amy's listening and speaking skills are good!


I remember she gave me a chunky gum!


She said she bought that at supermarket where was below our school!


 I was surprised about her confidence because that time it was very nervous to buy something at the public place!


3 months have been passed since we met!


Now she's my best friend in Sydney !!!




I really envy and respect  her cause every one likes her character!!


I'll definitely miss her on her leaving day,,,


100 days have passed since I came.

 Today I went to Manly beach to meet pre-class teacher,Emma!

We had a lunch at cafe, how much was it do you think?




Just breakfast! Come on ~~~😑🤜🏻


We climbed a mountain!

After good exercise, we saw awesome views!!!




But the top of mountain was windy, so Felipe's hair was quite funny 😂 



He has local job in Sydney!

Even though he applied for local restaurants  just 1 time, lucky he got a local job!!


I really envy:-)


He lied about experience but I think kind of smart!lol



 Tomorrow I have to talk with my teacher,,

 I feel nerves a bit 😅


But today I talked to my father cause it was Father's Day and I got power 🤜🏻




I can do anything without giving up!




Ps: congratulations to my parents!

happy anniversary 26th for wedding !


Few days ago  I talked  to one Korean guy.


Until that day,I thought he was just working!


I often ask my friends about why they came here and what the purpose is.


Almost of people say that they just wanna study English or work!


It's good experience to work in another country, I know.


I was thinking about he can speak English well.


But I've never asked him why he could speak English.


That's why I asked about his life.


He went to uni in2009,work as military for 2 years, and at that time he thought he really wanted to study English,but his family wasn't rich, a bit poor,so he didn't have money to study abroad.


Dispite no money, he couldn't give up his dream,then he came up with that he worked as a volunteer.


He found a website for volunteer in Ireland.


He contacted to the community for 2 months,after that he was allowed to go to Ireland as a volunteer for free!


The volunteers are for people who has Down syndrome.


He lived with them , took care of them and also works as farmer!


Before I came here I didn't think about that I could  work as volunteer.


After he went back to Korea,he graduated from uni and came to Sydney.


In addition he has two jobs in here and earn money for his family. 

He sends $2,000 for his family per a month!


 I really respect him,,,,


My thinking is different from before!


 I found new sight,,,