I’ve graduated from Embassy on 19th of January. After that I’ve got nothing to do but nowadays I study English for exam n also Chinese.

I think I have some problem for listening haha

so just keep watching some movies or drama n trying to copy what the actors say.

It sounds a piece of cake but it’s not.

I guess even if I copy Japanese, it’s difficult cuz I’ve got bad tongue 👅 lol


Btw I’ve bought flight ticket for going back to Japan via Thailand!! 

I’m meeting my family there, this plane sounds perfect, doesn’t it? 

However in addition I can expect how much I feel bored after I go back. I wish I could stay longer...but actually I already extend my visa so I have to thank my parents. Yes of course, I appreciate them every single day.


Definitely I’m missing Sydney life. Its been the best year in my life. 


I’ll spend time as if it’s treasure till 11th of March.