Yesterday was Halloween!!!


I’ve got new friend who’s from France!

I used to try to find some new friend because Amy’s gone back to Korea.


We’ve met for just a week actually but it doesn’t matter!!!


We hang out together and are getting along  with her!


We decided to go to school earlier than usual and bought some stuff to make up. 




We’ve been competing for this costume.

The ppl who win this competition can get some prize. It’s interesting event, isn’t it?

 I was supposed to get first prize but there’s a guy who’s got loads of friends in Facebook, yes,,, I’m sure he’ll get the prize.


However! I’m about to get other prize!






Why on earth did I pose like that?


I’ve regretted myself and in addition I’ve been enjoying ;-)


The reason why I couldn’t write my blog is that I’ve moved new accomodation and got job!!!


Today I’ve considered what I want to have done by my expire date of visa.


Anyway JUST DO IT!!! ✔︎


Nike’s catch phrase is great, isn’t it?