Finally June came,,


That means that it'll have passed almost 3 months since I came here!

Still now I'm really enjoying Sydney life!

 I have such a nice family!

That's why I was able to come here!


After I go back to Japan, I wanna cook dinner for my parents many times :-)

Because they gave me a chance to study abroad!

I can't thank you enough!!


In addition,nowadays I like cooking ~~~~!


So I'm sure that when I go back to Japan, my cooking skills are better than my sister,Ochibi!lol




I cook lunch boxes for my flat mates!

Actually not everyday but 2 times a week I cook for them! But it's okay because Jerry's meals are 很好吃!lol



我的老师是Jerry!(My teacher is Jerry)

And also 我是他的曰语老师!


I studied Chinese hard in my uni so I remember how to speak Chinese a little bit!

Now I can practice with Jerry!

So I won't forget Chinese and I wanna learn spoken Chinese!


I'm gonna improve my English skills and my Chinese skills as well!


If I study hard, I can improve my skills!


I believe it!


And I love a person who really loves me!



She is my really best friend!



I like her character and expression!


I'm gonna go Korea next year to meet her!


And also she has to come to Jp😐❣️


I really want her to introduce to my family like my bfㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Anyway! 사랑해〜(I love you 😘)


Last,I'm gonna go job interview soon!

Hmmm! So exciting!!!


 Next time,probably I'm gonna write about job!