Last Monday I took 2nd progress test.

I got Upper intermediate level again same as last time.

I wish I could speak English with using this grammar level,,,


My teacher said I should went to Upper intermediate class,,,,but my listening level is poor and speaking as well.


I know now is better than before.


But I thought I could understand their English soon.


It's more difficult for me to understand English than I thought:-(


Just I have to practice, practice and practice!

So maybe I'll go Upper intermediate class!

Time flies! I don't wanna waste time and money!



Btw,tomorrow I have to make a presentation in class.


 I gonna talk about my hometown and near my home town!


Last time I made a note for remembering the sentences but this time I didn't make!

So I hope I can do it without note,,,try!


I always respect everyone,,

I try to be the person I want to be!


My class mate in  Hyde park!



@Bondi beach!