It has passed about a week since I moved to share house!


This house is dirty, I don't have enough space of fridge, washbowl was broken already,,,lol


But the location is good!

In addition,our owner and flat mates are so nice!


Because they are friendly and kind:-)


Actually we went to Bondi beach,had a BBQ and swam:-)


It was very very very fun!




Last Thursday, I went to 🙈🙉🙊 with my flat mates!

She is 24 years old and good at speaking!

 I envy her,,,,

I have to study more and more!


Nowadays I study using my computer!

Because our teacher told us good websites!

 I can improve my listening ability!

So I also recommend this website!

 It's free:-)



By the way, Easter holiday now!

We're spending so lazy life,,,lol


But we are enjoying our life!



So no problem, I think;-)


Im on my way to host family!


 I'll write later!