I get up at 6:00 and go to bed at 22:30 in these days.


I used to be late for university in Japan.


That's why I spend very healthy days now.😂


Anyway, I changed my class level a few days ago.


Because my class mates are almost good speakers. 


If I keep being in my class, next level is too difficult!


 I thought I had to review basic English.


I'll do my best slowly!!!!




Yesterday's dinner made by my host father↑


New York steak and Europium sausage!


They are very very delicious 😋 


I got a lot of energy 💪


But the steak was 400g🤷🏼‍♀️


George said I'll be good Osumousan🙄


Oh my gosh,,,,


George is similar to my father 🤣🤣


He's so funny and friendly, I think.


And my host mother is always be amazed at him, they often have an argument 😆


I have ever seen like this situation in Japan,,,lol 


It is 5 minutes until my class starts!


Today's class will finish at 11:30.


It's short time🤷🏼‍♀️